Tuesday, September 30, 2008

White Sox... Washed With Red Clothes!

After a season of toiling, battling, scratching, clawing, and stretching for the top of the division, it all comes down to one game. One starting pitcher. One lineup. Plenty of second-guessing? Remains to be seen. All I know is that I'm terrified that Nick Blackburn is pitching this game. I'd rather have them pitch Mijares, Nathan, Liriano, Baker and Breslow in succession for some sort of "├╝ber-pen" makeshift pitching performance than have "Big Game" Blackburn heave his gas can of an arm to the mound tonight. All he does is give up hits... and yes, I understand that he's good SOMETIMES, but not good enough to pitch with the season on the line. I'm upset about this.

That, and the fact that Justin Morneau is in a major slump at the worst time of the season. Maybe the off day will have done him some good. We can only hope. He's just one RBI behind Hamilton, so it's not like he's not going to be focused (aside from the do-or-die status of tonight's match up). 

The lineups haven't come out yet, and I expect to see them around 5:00 from Star Tribune's web site. That's usually where they pop up first. Joe Christensen has been great about getting them up all season long.

Quick Stats: 
  • White Sox starting pitcher John Danks is 2-3 with a 6.88 ERA in seven games vs. the Twins this year.
  • Winds should be around 10-15 mph blowing OUT of the stadium (dead center) at the Cell this evening. Blackburn needs to keep the ball down all night.
  • Justin Morneau is batting .158 (6-for-38) in his past 10 games.
  • My friend Ryan Wilson is a huge Sox fan. Anything you write in response to this post will go in a mass email to his inbox tonight.
Enjoy the game... pray it won't be the final one... GO TWINS!!!!!


Jason, Illinois said...

F*** the coin toss. How can you not have a tie breaker like season series determine who gets the home field in the one game playoff. If that was in the Metrodome, we would of won easily.

Anonymous said...

I see you are a progrum devotee... Well played.

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