Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Too Painful to Write

It's never fun when your team gets knocked out for the season, but it's a lot less fun when they're eliminated before the playoffs begin. Feels unfair... feels numb. Time to turn our thoughts completely to football and basketball now, where the Wolves and Vikings look better than last season and hold some promise.

But first, some responses to yesterday's post and a closing thought for the 2008 season.

From Jason in Illinois - "F*** the coin toss. How can you not have a tie breaker like season series determine who gets the home field in the one game playoff. If that was in the Metrodome, we would of won easily."

I agree, Jason... this coin toss crap has got to go. These games at the end of the year are too important not to be determined by a worthwhile statistic or measure.

From "Ignateous" guy from - "Offensively, the Twins were an absolute disgrace for this game. The hitters had no plan and even less patience. They couldn't lay off of any of Danks junk. Why fly all the way to Chicago only lay a big egg?"

It's very difficult to breathe right now... maybe I shouldn't have done this so soon...

From "Ramius7" guy from - D@mnit, that is two postseason opportunities pissed away in a row. Getting swept out by Oakland two years ago with Barry Zito's last good start and now this. On a side note, there goes any chance of Mauer or Morneau @ MVP. They both needed to step up during KC or this game and neither did.

And the "Silver Lining Award" goes to "Ramius 7" guy.

From "jigga023" guy from - Delmon Young again showed why he will never be that great of a hitter. He can't lay off anything in the stadium. He is a guaranteed out and will swing at any first pitch offered. Him leading off the 8th was like starting the 8th with an out.

Morneau folded under the pressure for the last week or so. He didn't do anything.

Not much of a showing last night, but a good season overall. Here's to next year.

Well said, my friend... we didn't get the hitting we needed, and that's pretty much all it amounted to. The pitching was incredible.

I'll leave you with a photo and some links...

This was sent to me by a friend, Al, whose friend did a quick piece of artwork last night. It's a masterpiece. Glorious.

If you need some cathartic streaming radio, will be available all day...

A decent story that might help...

Another blog to read today...

I'll be writing a season wrap-up at some point before retiring for the season... probably will write about some offseason posts as well. And feel free to check out my other blog, The Pulse. It's basketball-related.

Have a wonderful day, and get ready for Fort Myers in 2009! We're Comin'!!!!


Brian McElhinny said...

Sorry dude, I was pulling for the Twins. As a Pirate fan, we have no choice but to root for the small-budget teams...and nobody really likes the White Sox anyway. No question I am pulling for the Rays now.

J-mizzle said...

It's cool... your pain has lasted all year. I'm going to be fine... lots to look forward to in 2009 and beyond.

I still don't know if I can watch a full game yet. Probably not.

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